Welcome To Valley Metabolic Imaging

buildingValley Metabolic Imaging (VMI) combines the highest quality technology with a dedicated staff of seasoned healthcare professionals. VMI is unsurpassed in service to patients and referring physicians (read more).VMI is committed to providing state-of-the-art outpatient imaging services, by using the latest technology advances Our commitment is to our patients and referring physicians. We ensure the process is seamless from the moment the patient is referred until the report is completed.  At VMI we have a dedicated staff that ensures this process by offering board-certified radiologists who are readily available for consultations.

Our mission is to make the patient experience one that is easy and sensitive to their needs. We consider patient comfort a high priority. VMI was created out of a direct need within our healthcare community to better serve the patients in the Fresno

VMI is now offering 3 new types of imaging.

  • DaTScan – DaTScan shows visual evidence of a Parkinsonian syndrome in the brain.  It is ordered by your physician to help decrease uncertainty of a diagnosis in patients that have shakiness or stiffness.  Learn more about DatScan
  • IDEAS Study – The Imaging Dementia—Evidence for Amyloid Scanning (IDEAS) Study will determine the clinical usefulness on patient-oriented outcomes of a PET scan that detects amyloid plaques, a core feature of Alzheimer’s disease. Learn More about an IDEAS Study
  • Sodium Fluoride (NaF18) PET Bone Scan – Learn more about Sodium Fluoride (NaF18) PET Bone Scan

PET-CTA PET scan is a powerful diagnostic test that is having a major impact on the diagnosis and treatment of disease. PET scans can detect and stage most cancers, and give physicians information about early heart disease and many neurological disorders, like Alzheimer’s (read more).